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Mail Relay Service- keeps your email traffic safe.


In case your Internet connection or your server fails, your in-house mail servers would be unable to receive or accept any e-mails, since he could not be reached by outside mail servers. Without the bytes & more mail relay service such emails addressed to your domain during such a failure, would at best, reach you with great delays, provoke error messages on your customers’ side or worst get lost completely.

Protect the internal mail server from advertising and viruses with a mail relay service

Incoming emails to your domains (eg xy@customerdomain.ch) are within the scope of our mail relay services and are always received by a bytes & more relay server. After a successful virus and spam filtering, the received e-mails are routed to your (in-house) mail server. This ensures that the in-house mail server is not affected by the advertising messages or viral emails.

The bytes & more mail relay service offers many advantages:

  • Hedge against lost or rejected emails in link interruptions to your site
  • Caching of all incoming e-mail on a bytes & more relay server
  • Virus and spam filtering before e-mails are forwarded to your server
  • Conceal your public IP address to protect against potential attackers.
bytes & more Mail-Relay functions

Contact us if you have any questions!

In principle the implementation is simple and requires no direct intervention in your IT infrastructure. The bytes & more mail relay service is a cost-effective, simple and safe way to secure your e-mail traffic with no extra effort. Should you have any questions about this topic, you can reach us any time through our contact form, by phone or via email.