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BAM Remote Backup


A data backup is essential. With natural hazards such as floods, fires or lightning strikes at your company and server sites a local backup system can be affected by such events and is therefore of limited use only.


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The solution: BAM Remote Backup System

  • 100% encrypted and secure data transfer

    Your data is transferred exclusively via a 256 bit AES encrypted link to the bytes & more backup servers.
  • Datastorage in Switzerland

    Your data remains guaranteed in Switzerland! All bytes & more backup servers are located in German-speaking Switzerland and thus within the country's borders.
  • Optimal network usage

    Unlike other products BAM Remote Backup only transfers changed blocks. Ig in a file of several gigabytes only a block of data of a few kilobytes has changed, only these few kilobytes are transmitted. Other products may transfer the whole file again to the remote backup server. This to ensure that your Internet connection is not too busy and efficiently utilized even with larger data sets.
  • Restoration of old datasets

    With BAM Remote Backup a single file or a folder can be restored with the content of any previous backup point. Do you need today’s modified file without changes in the last 5 days? Have you noticed that a month ago, a necessary folder was deleted? No problem for BAM Remote Backup!
  • Client for Windows and Linux

    With the BAM Remote Backup both PCs and servers with a Windows operating system (Windows XP and later) and Linux machines (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, SuSE) can be backed up.
  • Volume Shadow Copy

    When backing up Windows systems, all Volume Shadow Copy functions are fully supported.
  • Central monitoring of all Backup jobs

    Should one of your backup jobs not (or only partially) execute, the bytes and more support team is automatically notified and takes the necessary remedial steps (depending on the agreement: informing the customer, correcting the errors).
  • Transparent Pricing

    There are no hidden costs. The price depends solely on the amount of space that your data occupies on the backup servers. The more data you back up and the longer your requested retention time is, the higher the cost to you.