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It Ifrastructure


Even if your business is not in the area of Information technology, you need a well-functioning IT infrastructure as the base of good employee productivity. These include both the computers of your employees as well as your servers, your internal network and connection (s) to the Internet. Failures of essential services such as email, network drives, databases or industry-specific software solutions can bring a business operation quickly to a grinding halt.

For this reason and true to the saying "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" your businesses mission-critical systems should be identified in advance and secured. Depending on your requirements to system availability and your IT budget a detailed risk and cost-benefit analysis should be made and measures identified implemented.

Bytes & more can support you with many years of experience in different customer and industry areas securing your IT infrastructure, in planning and implementation of such measures.

IT Infrastructure

Our Services:

Analysis of an existing infrastructure

Do you already have a more or less functioning IT infrastructure? Without cost to you we perform an analysis to identify potential problems, risks or bottlenecks and submit a written report of this analysis to you.

Request a free assessment of your IT infrastructure now.

Planning and evaluation

If you plan an expansion of your IT infrastructure (or portions thereof) we are can support you in an unrestricted advisory capacity - be it in the planning of a complete reorganization or a second opinion in the evaluations of other suppliers.


We guarantee "the best solution for the customer" because we have no exclusive agreements or purchase commitments with our suppliers. Through our partner status with all major manufacturers such as HP, DELL or IBM, we can guarantee you first-class conditions nonetheless. The same applies to software of any kind - whether operating systems, office suites, antivirus programs or other business software.
If your required specific solution does not yet exist, we also offer the customized development of individual Software.

Installation and migration

Regardless of the origin of hard- and software we will assume installation and configuration of new systems or the migration and updates of existing systems to a new future proof state.

Maintenance and monitoring

Regardless of your IT infrastructure’s age regular maintenance and monitoring are always a requirement for business critical systems. Bytes & more offer standard and customized solutions.

Business continuation plans

The availability of a system can never be guaranteed 100%. In case of a failure, necessary predefined steps must be taken to minimize damage proactively. We can support you with the definition of such business continuation plans and emergency scenarios and with the implementation of appropriate countermeasures.